Freedom Dog Program

"I just wanted to tell you that I took Enzo on a walk today with my daughter in the big stroller, and he did awesome!!!!...One of the best walks I've had with a dog, and I just wanted to thank you for for that.  You taught us very well!"

Rachel R.

Have a new puppy?

Take the ultimate course to raise a well behaved, confident and happy dog!

Our Freedom Dog program will help from

  • potty training
  • socialization & exposure training
  • teaching your puppy when it's playtime and when it's quiet time
  • manners - not jumping or mouthing all over people
  • walking politely on a leash
  • being good for nail trims, brushing and vet visits
  • and more!

Want a dog with reliable obedience?

In our Foundation course we introduce sit during leash walking and come with our Paper Plate recall game.  In our Freedom Dog program we expand the obedience to include teaching a sit, down and mat with a stay.  Enjoy a dog that lays down for all those awesome photos while you are out enjoying time together!

This course will prepare your dog for advancing to ecollar off leash obedience and recall.  Get ready for summer hikes in the woods or on the beach with a dog that listens!

Does you dog suffer from:

  • Reactivity
  • Intense Anxiety
  • Human aggression
  • Dog aggression

Is your dog barking, lungeing, growling, snapping, biting at other people, children or dogs.  Is you dogs a nervous wreck when you're home and panics when you're gone?

We can help your dog enjoy being with you but also comfortable by themselves when you leave.  Have a dog that is not growling, snapping, or biting.  Let us help you and your dog!

Is it a struggle to clip your dog nails or go to a routine vet visit with your dog?

We can help dogs that are difficult to impossible to trim their nails (whether by the owner, the groomer or at the vet office).  We have helped dogs who have previously had to be sedated to get their nails done at the vet office get trimmed awake at home by their owners.

We can help your dog learn to relax and be opportunistic so that vet visits are not a stressful event but a smooth activity. Your dog can learn that they don't need to to be anxious or scared, shake, whine, drool or excessively pant at the groomer or vet's office.

Or perhaps you're struggling with your dog barking or vocalizing at other people or dogs in the office. Or your dog is aggressive, must be muzzled (or will bite the vet and staff), takes multiple people to handle and is very stressful on the dog, vet and staff for a basic visit for an examination, vaccinations or a heart worm blood draw.

Join the Freedom Dog Training Academy Today!

You'll be able to get started training today within minutes of signing up!

Freedom Dog


Most Popular!

  • Our 16 week Freedom Dog Online Course
  • 4 Months enrolled in our Freedom Dog Online Classroom 
  • Exclusive Academy prices on Private lessons for one on one assistance (additional cost for private lessons)
  • Access to our exclusive Academy Group Class for additional support and practice around other dogs and people
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4 Month Payment Plan



Academy Private Lessons

All students enrolled in either the Foundation or Freedom Dog Academy programs can schedule one on one assistance.

Private lessons can go over any material in your course and are typically 1.5-2 hours long. These private lessons can be done virtually online, at our location in Minooka, IL or in your home (within 30 minutes of our location). Our Private lessons are setup as reverse lessons.  This means you've already covered the material in the Foundation or Freedom Dog course and would like to work with us one on one for personal assistance.  Private lessons can be scheduled to meet after you have completed week 2 in your self study course.

You can request a private lesson through your ProPet account or give us a call and we'll set things up for you over the phone.

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"Nicole is an excellent dog/people trainer! She is very patient and thorough with both the dog and the owners. I highly recommend her!"

James K

Private Lesson Freedom Dog Program


Top features

  • Our Freedom Dog Online Course ($525 value!)
  • 6 Months enrolled in our Freedom Dog Online Classroom ($625 value!)
  • Private lessons are included.  Don't worry about paying for individual lessons in this 6 month program!
    • Private lessons can be done virtually, at our location or at your home (within 30 minutes of our location)
    • Private Lessons will cover the material taught in the Freedom Dog Program (up to a $1920 value!)
  • Access to our exclusive Academy Group Class for additional support and practice around other dogs and people for 6 months ($350 value!)
  • The program price is per household not per dog. Payment plans available.
  • We have limited spots in this program so that everyone gets plenty of one on one private lessons with us.
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"Nicole was a Godsend to our family. Our 14 month old yorkie poo was disobedient and had awful manners. Nicole is a miracle worker and takes her time demonstrating how to continue working on reinforcing the behavior with the owners to ensure continued success at home. It is clear she loves the animals she cares for, treats boarded dogs as her own, and is a superb dog trainer. This experience was every thing I hoped for and more than I expected."

Jaime L.

Freedom Dog Board & Train Program

Our Most Popular Program!

*Want to have an awesome recall with your dog to enjoy walks and hikes off leash?
*Does your dog lunge and bark at other dogs and/or people on walks?
*Is your dog nervous all the time?  Do they pace and/or whine?


Does your dog run off or play hard to catch?

Let us teach your dog to come back when called!  Enjoy a dog who comes in from the backyard right away, a dog you can take out to the park for a good run or a hike in the woods who comes back when you call the first time!  Dogs love to run, give your dog the freedom to enjoy themselves off leash!

Does your dog suffer from anxiety, reactivity or aggression?

Dogs with behavioral issues who need more time and to be successful on the skills in the Foundation program, additional relaxation and training techniques for issues such as mild to moderate reactivity, anxiety or aggression.

Freedom Dog Board & Train


Top features

  • 5 weeks of Board & Train in our home on our beautiful 1.7 acre property in Minooka, IL
  • 5 private lessons to teach you your dog's training ($625 value!)
  • Training equipment ($50 -$200value!)
  • Our Freedom Dog Training Academy
    • Admission in our Freedom Dog Course, our 16 week course full of videos, handouts and tons of training information ($525 value!)
    • Enrollment in our Freedom Dog Online Classroom for 6 months of instruction and support ($625 value!)
  • You get all this plus your dog staying and training with me in my house with my personal dogs ($2625 value!)
  • A $4450 value program!
  • To Get Started with the Freedom Dog Board & Train, please fill out our Training Evaluation Questionnaire so we can schedule a Training Evaluation.  Click Here to Learn more about the Training Evaluation and what's included. You will only pay for the Training Evaluation at this time.
  • Dogs with intense behavioral issues may need to be enrolled in the Dream Dog Program.  The Training Evaluation will help us decide which program will best help you and you dog.
Click here to fill out the Training Evaluation Questionnaire

"Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! I can not say enough good things about Nicole and her board and train program.  After losing a dog last year our family decided it was time to get a puppy. We found a chocolate lab that we fell in love with. At first everything was going great, potty training went well and I could walk him easy enough. Then as the months progressed and he grew bigger and bigger things began to get crazy.  He was chewing up shoes any change he got (I lost track of how many flip flops were destroyed), pulling on walks, had to be put in the kennel so my other dog and my family could eat in peace without him attacking out food. I couldn't play catch in the backyard with my kids without him stealing the ball or jumping on the kids to play with them.  He even jumped on my FIL when he came over to visit and almost knocked him to the ground. I was honestly having anxiety everyday about getting out of bed and having to deal with him. I knew we needed HELP!!!

Luckily, I saw a post on FB shared by a friend of Nicole's program and I began watching all of her videos on Facebook.This sounded like an answer to my prayers.  After a month, with Nicole we have a completely well behaved dog. I can walk him so easily and get compliments on how well behaved he is. Even my 7 year old can walk him down the street without him pulling. He doesn't jump on family when they come over to visit. He will lay on his mat and rest while we eat. He still enjoys playing catch, but now we don't have to wrestle with him to get the ball back. It is a dream come true to be able to enjoy every day with out new pup and not have to worry about what chewed up shoe may be laying around the corner.

I also love that Nicole shares videos of her training. I loved getting to see what Grizzly was learning everyday.  Nicole is also very thorough in making sure that my family had all the skills needed to continue working with Grizzly at home and making sure that he does not revert back to his old monster ways. If you are wondering if this program is worth it, I would definitely say YES!!!! Life is so much more enjoyable for everyone and I don't have to buy so many replacement shoes-LOL!! Thanks so much Nicole!!"

Sarah R.

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